Earn Up To 8.6% On Your Cryptocurrencies

Earn Up To 8.6% On Your Cryptocurrencies

Do you hold (HODL) bitcoin, altcoins, or stablecoins? Blockfi is offering up to 8.6% monthly compounding interest on select cryptos. Note: Blockfi offers the highest monthly compounding interest on stablecoins, with BTC being the next highest, and altcoins as the lowest.

Keep your crypto with a secured loan

Do you hodl your cryptos, and want to put them to use, but without having to sell them? You can also consider using a secured crypto loan. You deposit your crypto, and are giving a certain amount in a loan, based off the value of your crypto deposit. So, whether you just want the crypto for a special occasion, or for a big project, you can get a loan based off your crypto, without having to sell them, so that when you repay your loan, you can get your crypto back from Blockfi.

Additional Information

If you deposit 1BTC into your Blockfi, in a month, you can earn 0.005 BTC interest on that deposit. After a year, you can earn 0.062 BTC. Note, this assumes that prices remain stable. When prices fall, or spike, your interest for the month is reflected on that.

Also, if you join Blockfi by following any of these links, you can also become an affiliate of Blockfi, and there is currently no limit to the levels you can build.

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No Payments for 12 Months Hard Money Loans

No Payments for 12 Months Hard Money Loans


If you’ve ever applied for a Hard Money Loan (HML), you are probably already familiar with paying interest only payments for the term of the loan, which is helpful, so that you don’t have to pay big monthly payments, while you work on the rehab. You then pay the rest of the loan amount off, when you flip the house. How does No Payments for 12 Months Hard Money Loans grab you?


What if there was a program that would offer you flip funds, BRRR money, or other refinance money, with the possibility of even the interest payments to be deferred, for up to 12 months? Would that mean that you would have more money for your working capital? You can find out more on our No Payments HML page.

Private Equity Groups

Are you looking to sell your business, but can’t seem to get the price you’re looking for. Maybe you’re being told that the business isn’t worth it’s asking price, right now. Perhaps you’re looking to expand it, to make it worth your asking price. A Private Equity Group may be just what you’re looking for.

First, consider Selling Your Business To A Private Equity Group Is Not For Everyone – Here’s Why. “I have represented several business owners in the sale of their companies to a Private Equity Group (PEG). In every case except one, the outcome was nothing short of phenomenal for the owner, and the one negative transaction was the result of a seller not holding up their end of the deal. However, unlike a full exit in a traditional business for sale transaction, sellers have to understand that this type of deal is almost always a two-step process that requires their ongoing involvement.”

Then, Is Selling to Private Equity a Victory or a Defeat? “That’s why when most private equity groups look to invest, they are looking for great management teams who are chomping at the bit to grow and chase down every opportunity they can. Rather than an admission of failure, this is more about issuing a challenge to see how much more you can accomplish if access to capital is no longer an issue.”

If you want to know a little more about the Private Equity Group we work with, visit our opportunities page.

Up To 100 CLTV And More

100% CLTV

We have recently become a referral agent for lenders that will provide 100% CLTV. What does that mean. For residential real estate, we can lend up to 60% of the LTV. This means that the seller will carry the remaining 40%. For commercial (including multifamily of +5 units), We can go to 55%. Note, these are general guides, and can vary based on property type, and other factors.

For all intents and purposes, this can allow you to (almost) buy a property with “no out of pocket costs.” Why “almost?”

  • You will need to provide a clean title.
  • You will need an appraisal.
  • We have a doc fee, which is what the legal department charges, to draw up the documents.
  • Closing costs.

If you have a clean title, and an appraisal (between 3 – 9 months, case by case), then you will only need pay the legal fee to close the deal, and closing costs. Note, in your negotiations, you can ask the seller to pay closing costs, aka, seller credit.

Hard Money Loan (HML)

Since this is hard money, as part of your negotiations, you can offer to pay the seller the rest when you refi the property, which can be in as little as 6 months, or as many as 36 months. Note that with the 100% CLTV HML, you can do fix & flips (light to medium), but not full rehabs (including gut jobs), ground up construction, or raw land.

Interest is higher than “conforming loans,” like bank loans, as are most other Hard Money.


Starting 2019: It’s The NOI

While it has been a while since our last posting, 100K Investing, LLC, has been keeping very busy. For 100K Investing, LLC, what we focus on is NOI, or the positive cash-flow, in our deals.

Our purchasing process

We are focusing strictly on commercial deals–not apartments or mobile/rv parks–but commercial deals. The can include medical or assisted living facilities, retail shops, or just about anything that is positively cash-flowing. No distressed deals, land, notes, or construction/development projects.

We (currently) finance entirely through a combination of 3rd party financing (bridge/HML) and seller financing. We look for deals between $100K – $3M. Real estate must be for sale, as part of the transaction. It doesn’t need to be part of the sale, but it must keep the transaction to within $3M. Our lender requires to be in first position.

We offer terms, when we make offers to buy. The NOI must justify the purchase price. The NOI must be able to pay the seller financing, the interest on the HML, and pay the refi. On the refi, on average, it must gross $15k/mo, or $180k/yr. We will verify the finances during our due diligence phase.

When the due diligence phase is complete, we can fund, on average, within 5 days. Prior to this, we will need a BPO/appraisal of the building. If you don’t have one, completed within the last 9 months, we will order one.

We would like to know what the sellers’ tax strategies are. When selling, the amount of money the seller will receive is a large windfall. We focus on two options, regarding the seller financing, based on the sellers’ goals. We can either continue the seller financing, for the duration of the time it takes to fully pay off the seller, thus keeping the amount of tax they pay in any one year lower. Or, after a period of 12 months, we refinance the seller note, paying the seller in full. We can use whichever method works for the seller.

JV/Partnering Up

As mentioned above, our lender requires a first position. If you aren’t willing to take a junior position, we may not be able to work with you. If you have a self-directing IRA/SoloK, Home Equity option (Loan/Credit/Sharing), and are not concerned with “position,” so long as you are paid a return, we can be flexible. Note: our financing is interest only payments, so any deals we work on must already be positively cash flowing, to cover the interest payments, from the beginning of the transaction.

Now Featuring SSL and More!

Now Featuring SSL

For the longest time, we’ve been wanting to add more security to the site, but not something that would be too technical, nor expensive. As we may have mentioned, we’re a big fan of Linux, and our prime system is Linux Mint. Thus, when ever possible, we like to use Free and Open Resource Software. For a while, we were trying some Word Press Plugins, but they just weren’t working.

Finally, there were two options. The first is Let’s Encrypt. A number of the WP Plugins seem to use this, as it’s free. However, it didn’t seem to be working, and after trying a few options, looked at another option.

That option is SSL For Free. This allows the creation of the SSL certificates needed, and to create them in a simple text file, where it can then be taken into the C-Panel, go into the security section, and copy-paste the needed information. Now, 100K Investing, LLC, has a secured site. Thus, when going through the pages, and especially on the submission forms, they are secure. Previously, the secured forms were SSL were hosted on other servers.We’re leaving a few external forms, but most are now hosted locally. We did have to go through, and recheck the http urls are now https, and we believe we have that accomplished. If you see a page that has that url, from our site, please contact us, so we may fix it.


We now have an affiliate section, for those who are interested in promoting our Equity Share program. Affiliates will earn 1% of the money loaned to home owners. So, if a home’s worth $250,000 × 15% (amount loaned) = $37,500 to the home owner. $37,500 × 1% = $375 to the affiliate, upon closing.

For second/vacation homes, and rentals, in certain states, affiliates will earn a flat fee of $100.

When an affiliate refers another affiliate, that affiliate receives $50 for each primary home owner transaction closed, and for second/vacation homes, and rentals, in certain states, a flat fee of $25, and the referred affiliate receives their fee, as outlined above.

We will also be looking to open an affiliate program to our retirement account affiliations.

Equity Sharing News

Leverage your house to invest, no monthly payments nor interest!

In this last blog post, we introduced you to an alternative to HELOCs, HELs, and Cash-Out ReFis.

Since the initial information, we have added new pages to add information about How Equity Sharing Works, Looking Beyond Your Credit Score, Repaying Equity Sharing and Fees, and even have an Affiliate Program set up, for affiliate marketers. Even if you’re not an affiliate marketer, but know someone who may wish to have a loan based on the appraisal of their house, for no monthly payments nor interest, we can still offer you a referral fee.

There are two investor firms we work with. The main differences are that one will offer Equity Sharing on second/vacation homes, and rentals, and the other doesn’t; only in CA and WA. The other is that one works in more states than the other. The full list of states that Equity Sharing is currently available in are:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
District of Columbia / Washington D.C.

An affiliate does not need to live in one of these states, only the home owner does. Currently, we are only accepting affiliates in the US, but as we continue to grow, we are looking to offer the program to affiliates anywhere that PayPal works.