Opportunities With Our Company

Thank You For Looking At Opportunities With Our Company.

If you haven’t, please look over our blog. Our focus is on commercial businesses, including commercial real estate.

Private Equity Group:

We are affiliated with an Private Equity Group that seeks to buy businesses around the globe. On average, we deploy about $100M/annually. We seek the following criteria:

– The firm must be in business at least two years (no start-ups at this time).
– It must be generating an annual revenue of at least $1M USD (or equivalent).
– At least one member/rep must be fluent in English, on international transactions.
– Generally, the most we do on one transaction is $20M. Please contact us for transactions over $20M.
– Cannot compete solely on price.
– No resturants/franchieses.
– Sales or marketing driven.
– Preferences given to Manufacturing, Distribution, Online Retail, Technology, or something in service industry.

Our focus is on doubling the business’s profits within 3 years (often, we can do this in less time). We can do this with over 40 different methods, including IPOs, and mergers with public companies already in our portfolios, as a couple of examples.

The Equity Firm has been in business for 20 years. A couple of companies previous worked with include Legal Shield and Taser.

We prefer to speak directly with the owner(s), or reps who are direct-to-seller. No daisy chains, please. We will sign NDAs; note that we have several equity firm partners located globally, who review hundreds of deals, weekly. Each member, to be part of the firm, signs a NDA, agreeing to not share any information that others in the firm provide, for their review of transactions they wish to participate in.

We aim to purchase on average of 90 days, with 30 for due diligence. If books, taxes, and other related information isn’t ready, the process can take longer.

To help expedite the transaction, we will need the owner(s) to fill out a brief Business Profile Questionnaire. This will help us evaluate the deal.

Please contact us, if you have a business for sale that fits the above guidelines.