Opportunities With Our Company

Thank You For Looking At Opportunities With Our Company.

If you haven’t, please look over our blog. Our focus is on wholesaling single family homes, for our real estate investing opportunities.

We are always looking for opportunities to JV (Joint Venture). We’re always looking to work with people who have retirement accounts (IRAs, 401ks, etc), people who have equity in their real estate, those who can connect with these people, and others, to leverage resources to create wins for all.

As a disabled veteran owned business, one of our key components is giving back to our country. One way we do this by JVn with new real estate investors. On many forums, there is the complaint that all of these guru programs do not properly teach people how to invest, or leave them hanging. Some try to send deals on the MLS, or other such sites. Our goal is to educate the next generation of investors, and to help make deals.

We do this by NOT charging hundreds or thousands of dollars to start. Instead, we do JVs, where we split the profits 50/50 (less fees, such as those charged by transactional funders; read the blog post about transactional funders, if you haven’t). Now, if you bring someone who is a SDIRA investor, then the split will also vary, based on the circumstances.

We’re looking for those who are open-minded. Your goals aren’t limited to your back yard, but to where the cashflowing deals are.