Now Featuring SSL and More!

Now Featuring SSL

For the longest time, we’ve been wanting to add more security to the site, but not something that would be too technical, nor expensive. As we may have mentioned, we’re a big fan of Linux, and our prime system is Linux Mint. Thus, when ever possible, we like to use Free and Open Resource Software. For a while, we were trying some Word Press Plugins, but they just weren’t working.

Finally, there were two options. The first is Let’s Encrypt. A number of the WP Plugins seem to use this, as it’s free. However, it didn’t seem to be working, and after trying a few options, looked at another option.

That option is SSL For Free. This allows the creation of the SSL certificates needed, and to create them in a simple text file, where it can then be taken into the C-Panel, go into the security section, and copy-paste the needed information. Now, 100K Investing, LLC, has a secured site. Thus, when going through the pages, and especially on the submission forms, they are secure. Previously, the secured forms were SSL were hosted on other servers.We’re leaving a few external forms, but most are now hosted locally. We did have to go through, and recheck the http urls are now https, and we believe we have that accomplished. If you see a page that has that url, from our site, please contact us, so we may fix it.


We now have an affiliate section, for those who are interested in promoting our Equity Share program. Affiliates will earn 1% of the money loaned to home owners. So, if a home’s worth $250,000 × 15% (amount loaned) = $37,500 to the home owner. $37,500 × 1% = $375 to the affiliate, upon closing.

For second/vacation homes, and rentals, in certain states, affiliates will earn a flat fee of $100.

When an affiliate refers another affiliate, that affiliate receives $50 for each primary home owner transaction closed, and for second/vacation homes, and rentals, in certain states, a flat fee of $25, and the referred affiliate receives their fee, as outlined above.

We will also be looking to open an affiliate program to our retirement account affiliations.