Updates and Corrections


I appreciate those that have reached out to me, to let me know that some of the email forms weren’t working, on both the cash buyers and JV-wholesale forms. I’ve removed the pages, and opted for a simple contact page, with appropriate phone numbers and emails. There were a few other faulty links and pages, which have now been fixed.


The opportunities section (eg, co-wholesaling), and the identity theft are now under the About Tab. There’s the About section (click About to go to that part), Opportunities, and ID Theft.

We will probably be removing the Factoring Section, shortly, as it’s not in line with our main focus of real estate investing.

We’re now relaunching our Lease-options opportunities, with a focus on JVs with other investors looking at the L-O arena (four sections; click on the Lease Option tab for more info, regarding LOs).

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