A List Of Transactional Funders For Real Estate Wholesalers.

A List Of Transactional Funders For Real Estate Wholesalers.

I have uploaded this list of Transactional Funders via Google Drive. You should be able to read it right from the drive. Let us know if you have a problem downloading it, if you wish. If you don’t have Excel, and want to view it offline, without Google Drive/Dox, I suggest looking for a freeware version of the software, such as Libre Office, which is what I made this in. Other Free/Open Sources include Open Office, or some other choices for you.

Based on their data, which I’ve placed in this sheet, Lima One Capital is probably your best option. They have no extra fees (processing or wire) and have a 1.75% interest.

Straight Line has a lower interest rate, but don’t work in all states.

ICF doesn’t work NY or GA, so if you’ve deals there, you won’t be able to use them.

There are 3 that are nationwide. However, they charge processing or wire fees. You may find that one of these others are better suited to you, and you may develop a good rapport. Some companies, when you do a certain number of deals with them, or in bulk, offer better terms; it never hurts to ask!

These are not the only Transactional Funders; just the ones I’ve come across at the time of this writing. Most, and possibly all of these funders will cover the closing costs, so when you present your cash offer on your deals, which you’re doing as someone with a transactional funder, you can also tell them you’ll cover closing costs. However, issues like back taxes, liens, etc. may not be covered by transactional funding. It will be something that you’ll need your end buyer to be aware of.

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