I’m the CEO, Eddie Starr. I was aboard the USS Essex, stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I arrived at my duty station on September 7, 2001. As you may imagine, on the day of September 11, 2001, was beyond words.

During that time in the USN, I traveled throughout the Pacific, including Australia, Guam, and much of southeast Asia. Thailand and Singapore were favorite ports.

I have had the opportunity for a wide range of work, in about 30 years: bartender; US Navy; various Libraries, including a VA hospital; disaster relief assistance; church deacon; real estate investing; video and web production; business admin and ownership.

100K Investing, LLC is a service-connected, Veteran owned business. 100K Investing, LLC, works with both individuals and corporate customers. We work with people who need to:

  • Investors looking for homes, from wholesalers and flippers to buy & holds
  • Sell their home, for various reasons
  • Investors wanting to sell their deals
  • Invest in real estate, either for their retirement, or for here and now.
  • Learn about using their 401k, IRA, or similar account to invest in businesses and REI
  • Exploring using various equity options, to invest in businesses and REI
  • Sell their mortgage or business note
  • Sell their structured settlements or annuities
  • Inheritance Advances
  • Others

Check the respective sections of the site for the area that interests you.

NOTE: 100K Investing, LLC., provides consulting and “syndication” services. We do not provide any legal, business, or any other advice. You will need to consult an appropriate attorney, CPA, or other professional. Information and referrals are subject to your own due diligence.

Unless otherwise noted, images are from Class Room Clip Art.


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