New Calendar and Workings

I am now using a new calendar.

I am now using a new calendar. After a lot of issues with the old system I was using, I’ve decided to give TeamUp a try. We shall see if this will work, to help scheduling time with other professionals. This calendar will only feature my “in field” time, which is 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST. Before that, I will be working on emails, and scheduling with my virtual assistants. Both before and after that time, unless it is an emergency, I prefer not to be called, as I am a new father, and want to spend time with my baby boy, and ask all professionals that I work with to respect that, please.

Not available on weekends.

This is two-fold. Saturdays are my Sabbath. I will not go into my spiritual & religious beliefs and preferences, just as I will not ask you yours. I will aim to respect any professionals I work with, regarding such beliefs, and ask for the same, in turn.

Since most of the people I know–for those who have a religious preference–have their day on Sunday, I’ve found that Sundays are simply best for me to have “family time,” especially with the new baby. Also, I honestly cannot recall any financial institute having hours on a Sunday, and with a lot of working being on REOs, and various NPNs/NPLs, I find it best to do the bulk of my work on days when they are open. Of course, there are various federal “bank” holidays, where other professionals can work, and unless I otherwise note on the calendar, I’m generally available during the week, on the times listed, barring unforeseen circumstances.

If it is real estate, we can work it!

My primary transactions have been with various forms of residential properties, being SFH or MFH. We are always looking to work with any form of commercial:

  • Office,
  • Retail,
  • Agriculture,
  • Etc.,

At this time, we are only working with secured transactions, and not unsecured transactions–business debt (C&I), and consumer debt (eg, credit cards)–with new clients. Before working with unsecured debt, we must have a firm and established relationship with the client. When we have completed a few transactions that are secured by real estate (REOs and/or notes), we can explore unsecured transactions, for clients interested in these sort of transactions.

Winter Has Been Long

In some ways, the winter of 2016-2017 has felt long, and mainly because some others have been having issues with the cold weather. There have been a few cases where the winter has caused some outages, which has delayed work, but that’s life.

We are now working the NPN/NPL niche, with the focus on bank and credit union nonaccurals. We look for those debts that are +90 days, and are not getting payments. Our company has a number of investors, that are interested in this, and we are looking to source these accounts.

If you work with a financial institute, and you know that there are a number of tapes with nonaccurals, Non-performing notes/loans, etc., we welcome referrals.