Now Offering Affordable Legal Services and ID Protection

In this day and age, perhaps two of the biggest issues are legal issues, and identity theft. With that in mind, we are now offering affordable legal services and ID protection.


While people are supposed to be offered “equal justice under the law,” the sad fact is that unless you have the money to afford a lawyer–which can average at $200/hr!–you most likely will not be able to receive the legal help you need. Enter the legal plan.

For a nominal monthly fee, much less than most lawyers’ hourly fee, you can have access to a quality law firm, in your jurisdiction (US & Canada), to help you with legal issues. There are plans for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Some of the features of the legal plan–personal and small business–are:

  • You can have unlimited phone consultations and letters written on your behalf.
  • Contract and document review.
  • Discounts on additional services.

The Identity Protection Services.

We have all heard the stories of people who have had their credit cards, Social Security Numbers, and other financial information taken. However, Identity Theft is a much larger issue than that.

Child ID Theft: Social Security Numbers Stolen Before Birth!

Medical Identity Theft: Mom has authorities threaten to take her kids!

These are just a few of the types identity theft issues that exist. But instead of solving those issues on your own, you can have a team of licensed private investigators work on your behalf, for about the same monthly fee as in the legal plan. Find out more!