Private Equity Groups

Are you looking to sell your business, but can’t seem to get the price you’re looking for. Maybe you’re being told that the business isn’t worth it’s asking price, right now. Perhaps you’re looking to expand it, to make it worth your asking price. A Private Equity Group may be just what you’re looking for.

First, consider Selling Your Business To A Private Equity Group Is Not For Everyone – Here’s Why. “I have represented several business owners in the sale of their companies to a Private Equity Group (PEG). In every case except one, the outcome was nothing short of phenomenal for the owner, and the one negative transaction was the result of a seller not holding up their end of the deal. However, unlike a full exit in a traditional business for sale transaction, sellers have to understand that this type of deal is almost always a two-step process that requires their ongoing involvement.”

Then, Is Selling to Private Equity a Victory or a Defeat? “That’s why when most private equity groups look to invest, they are looking for great management teams who are chomping at the bit to grow and chase down every opportunity they can. Rather than an admission of failure, this is more about issuing a challenge to see how much more you can accomplish if access to capital is no longer an issue.”

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