Initially, we worked with a company that claimed association with a hedge fund and financial clearing house, for buy & holds, tapes, and fix & flips. However, after multiple deals falling through, 100K Investing has decided to part company, looking for better opportunities on the horizon.

100K Investing had also, briefly, worked with another whole saler, who, unfortunately, had end buyers who had bad reps from a number of other people we had attempted to work with, so even there, there was disappointments.

Not everything is sunny and rainbows, but that just means we keep working, and make things right for all we work with!

Have you come to sites, and hate the “spin,” where all you see is the good stuff? I’m not sure about you, and maybe it’s because I’m cynical, but I can’t help but wonder “What are they NOT telling me?” It makes me wonder what they’re hiding. There are “reputation management companies:” sites dedicated to things like “defaced-content removal.” So, if there’s something negative about a company, because they irked someone off, they can work to get it removed, so that others don’t know about it, or that’s the speculation.

I’m human, so when things don’t work out, like my “homes4heroes project,” I leave it.

Homes for Heroes!

Back on The 4th of July, 2014, we launched a “Homes for Heroes” crowd fund project.

This is a pilot program, and an experiment in a mix of public and private, that will not only provide mobile homes for homeless vets and their families, but others in need, and the community, at large.

Unfortunately, the project wasn’t as big a stir as we had hoped. There were a lot of difficulties, including getting over the “crowd fund scam,” many pushed, and the feeling that there is a “homes for heroes” site, and the name chosen was poor.

It’s re-dubbed it “homes4homeless,” as we make money from deals done, it will be used to close our deal on our first project.

Sadly, this project didn’t meet its goals, and for now, is on hold.