Equity Sharing Affiliates

100K Investing’s Affiliate Program for Equity Sharing

Here is a brief outline to explain how the affiliate program works. This will only pay after the home owner and investor agree, and the transaction closes, at which point, we can then distribute your commission. Figures in the example are approximate, and may slightly vary, depending on fees to send/receive funds.

1) Affiliates will earn 1% of what is loaned to the home owner. Our team of investors lend home owners between 10 – 20% of the house’s appraisal value. Example: House appraises for $250,000 × 15% = $37,500 to the home owner. 1% = $375 to you.

2) For any affiliate you refer, when the transaction closes, you will get $50, and they will get their 1%.

3) For second/vacation homes or rentals–currently only in CA & WA–you will earn a flat rate of $100. The referral bonus for these transactions is $25 to you, and they get $100.

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Please go to our secured (SSL) form, and tell us about your property. This is the form that you will be sending home owners to, and if you’re in one of the states that it is available in, you can apply, yourself.