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As many know, part of the key to being seen in the “big search engines,” like Google, is to have a lot of sites linking to you. One way to do this is to have smaller search engines/directories add you to their site. You get sites linking to you, and you help these other sites to have links to them. Here are a few to consider:  Amfibi Web Search & Directory


It’s been a while since my last update, and I’ve a lot to inform my peers about.

First, I attended my DVR workshop [after waiting a few months!]. It was an interesting series of classes, about building upon one’s strengths. Perhaps the biggest thing I got is that instead of putting out resumes, one puts out “strength sheets:” short, one-page documents, emphasizing strengths and skills–NOT the jobs one has held, because that puts people in boxes–those that can be transferable to any job one applies for.

Another big thing is that the prior weekend to this one, I attended an investor “mastermind” event. One of the biggest things from this, that I take with me, is the “commission saver program.” If you’ve ever been involved in a short sale, you know how “fun” they can be. However, from the agents’ perspective, it can be nerve-wrecking. If it falls through, the listing agent doesn’t get their commission, the buying agent has to go through the process again, to find their client another home, and they client doesn’t get the home they wanted. With my network, we buy the home, with our funds, at auction, and sell it to the original buyer, so everyone wins! We look for high-end houses in the +$500K range, for those who may not be wanting their short sale to fall 100% apart.

There were some disappointments with the event, and didn’t get anywhere near the 1-1 I’s hoping for, but it was ok, especially networking; even if just one, that’s a HUGE opportunity!

I’m also working with a guy who specializes in lease options. What I REALLY like about him is that he’s willing to mentor, with no upfront fees, whatsoever! Instead, we put deals together, and he gets 50%! That’s outstanding, as no one else does that, ever! Been reviewing information, and tomorrow, we have our “sit down and plan things out call.”

Been busy, and making lots of plans, and going to make stuff happen!


Initially, we worked with a company that claimed association with a hedge fund and financial clearing house, for buy & holds, tapes, and fix & flips. However, after multiple deals falling through, 100K Investing has decided to part company, looking for better opportunities on the horizon.

100K Investing had also, briefly, worked with another whole saler, who, unfortunately, had end buyers who had bad reps from a number of other people we had attempted to work with, so even there, there was disappointments.

Not everything is sunny and rainbows, but that just means we keep working, and make things right for all we work with!

Have you come to sites, and hate the “spin,” where all you see is the good stuff? I’m not sure about you, and maybe it’s because I’m cynical, but I can’t help but wonder “What are they NOT telling me?” It makes me wonder what they’re hiding. There are “reputation management companies:” sites dedicated to things like “defaced-content removal.” So, if there’s something negative about a company, because they irked someone off, they can work to get it removed, so that others don’t know about it, or that’s the speculation.

I’m human, so when things don’t work out, like my “homes4heroes project,” I leave it.

Homes for Heroes!

Back on The 4th of July, 2014, we launched a “Homes for Heroes” crowd fund project.

This is a pilot program, and an experiment in a mix of public and private, that will not only provide mobile homes for homeless vets and their families, but others in need, and the community, at large.

Unfortunately, the project wasn’t as big a stir as we had hoped. There were a lot of difficulties, including getting over the “crowd fund scam,” many pushed, and the feeling that there is a “homes for heroes” site, and the name chosen was poor.

It’s re-dubbed it “homes4homeless,” as we make money from deals done, it will be used to close our deal on our first project.

Sadly, this project didn’t meet its goals, and for now, is on hold.



Pay $15/hr to help natural disaster teams train!

From June 9, 2014 – June 13, 2014 [approximate, and subject to change], there will be an event to help train local disaster relief teams in Spokane. The event needs people to “play victims,” for the teams to train with. Pay is $15/hr.

Seeking both people who are interested in joining this event, and/or people who would be willing to host couch surfers who are coming from out of town [ie, CDA]. If you are interested in joining the event, can host surfers, or both, email me from the contact page, or Join the Facebook Event! I’ll need your first, last, and an email.

Moving Challenges: Out With Old, In With New

Well, 100K Investing Web Site has moved. There were some issues involving Google and some files getting vaped. So, I’m not happy with that, and decided it’s time to move on. So, all posts may “seem new,” but still the great info and help you’ve known and love keeps on rolling. I have also expanded my operations.

Our focus has also changed, to focus on Single Family homes for lease option purposes. We had multifamily, senior/assisted living, mobile home parks, and others, and have decided to narrow our niches.

If you’re interested in investing, especially if you’re wanting retirement planning, check out Can YOU Fund it & Retirement Planning page!


Welcome to 100K Investing, LLC. Our goal is investing. Primarily, it is real estate, but it is also in the investors. For those who want to be directly involved, we provide a combination of three opportunities: education, recruitment, and investing in real estate. For those who want a less direct approach, you can be someone to help with finding deals, or even funding deals. You don’t need to be Donald Trump to provide partial funding, but if you have a retirement account [IRA, 401K, etc.], you could be well on your way! More in the Can YOU Fund it & Retire Planing page!