It’s been a while since my last update, and I’ve a lot to inform my peers about.

First, I attended my DVR workshop [after waiting a few months!]. It was an interesting series of classes, about building upon one’s strengths. Perhaps the biggest thing I got is that instead of putting out resumes, one puts out “strength sheets:” short, one-page documents, emphasizing strengths and skills–NOT the jobs one has held, because that puts people in boxes–those that can be transferable to any job one applies for.

Another big thing is that the prior weekend to this one, I attended an investor “mastermind” event. One of the biggest things from this, that I take with me, is the “commission saver program.” If you’ve ever been involved in a short sale, you know how “fun” they can be. However, from the agents’ perspective, it can be nerve-wrecking. If it falls through, the listing agent doesn’t get their commission, the buying agent has to go through the process again, to find their client another home, and they client doesn’t get the home they wanted. With my network, we buy the home, with our funds, at auction, and sell it to the original buyer, so everyone wins! We look for high-end houses in the +$500K range, for those who may not be wanting their short sale to fall 100% apart.

There were some disappointments with the event, and didn’t get anywhere near the 1-1 I’s hoping for, but it was ok, especially networking; even if just one, that’s a HUGE opportunity!

I’m also working with a guy who specializes in lease options. What I REALLY like about him is that he’s willing to mentor, with no upfront fees, whatsoever! Instead, we put deals together, and he gets 50%! That’s outstanding, as no one else does that, ever! Been reviewing information, and tomorrow, we have our “sit down and plan things out call.”

Been busy, and making lots of plans, and going to make stuff happen!

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